Environmental Engineering & Design

Water & Wastewater Systems & Treatment
Groundwater Treatment
Watershed & Water Supply Impact Analysis
Inspections & Monitoring
Remedial Actions
Impoundments & Sediment/Erosion Control
Facility Decommissioning Projects
Remedial Investigation & Design
Emerging Contaminants
Soil Remediation

Our team of environmental engineers and scientists has vast experience and expertise in environmental engineering, consisting of design, planning, permitting, and project analysis. Our successful completion of multi-disciplinary engineering, construction, and environmental projects, including complete turnkey design-build services, has enabled us to become a full service environmental and construction firm uniquely equipped to deliver innovative solutions in a challenging field with ever-changing regulations.

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A & M has provided effective environmental solutions on hundreds of projects to commercial entities, public works entities, and governmental agencies throughout our history. Some of our example projects include:

  • Air Force base remedial action design and implementation.
  • Landfill delisting and relocation of disposed wastes.
  • Wastewater treatment plant decommissioning and demolition.
  • Machine pit closures.
  • Lead foundry decontamination and decommissioning.
  • Operation and management of a groundwater treatment system involving TCE contamination.
  • Interceptor trench design and construction for a major refinery implemented to intercept and contain refinery waste migration to a nearby river.
  • Facility decommissioning design and implementation for a major manufacturing facility.
  • Collection, characterization, and disposal of hundreds of drums of unknown wastes.
  • Decontamination and demolition of two (2) plating lines.
  • Engineering design, permitting, construction oversight, monthly monitoring, and troubleshooting for an industrial wastewater treatment system.
  • Remedial action analysis, plans (grading and drainage), and QA/QC for a Cherokee County, Kansas Superfund site as part of an abandoned mine cleanup.
  • Design of secondary containment structures for petroleum storage tanks.
  • Design, permitting, and construction off a Class I non-hazardous commercial injection well.
  • Design and modifications of physical treatment systems for concrete plants.
  • Contaminated soils management plans.
  • Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), Tar Creek Superfund Site OU 2, construction management and construction quality assurance for the remediation of lead contaminated soils found in residential yards and high access areas.

Our environmental engineering and design capabilities are far reaching and encompass most areas within these disciplines. We have provided a listed of some of our primary related services offered below for your convenience:


  • Water and wastewater systems, treatment, and piping (distribution and transmission).
  • Remedial action design and implementation.
  • Sewer system design and hydraulic water distribution analysis.
  • Pumping stations, wells, and pump systems.
  • Well field optimization.
  • Watershed and water supply impact analysis.
  • Lagoon improvements and storm drainage system design.
  • Storm water management planning and design.


  • Landfills (C and D, industrial, and municipal).
  • Transfer stations, sludge application, and solid waste facility permits.

Inspections and Monitoring

  • Assessment and detection monitoring and reporting.
  • Annual and semi-annual landfill inspections.
  • Sampling, analysis, and reporting for groundwater, leachate, landfill gas, and incinerator ash.

Remedial Actions

  • Soil remediation design and implementation.
  • Water treatment design and implementation.
  • Facility decommissioning plans and decommissioning activities.

Facility Decommissioning Projects

  • Project plans and implementation.
  • Project oversight and QA/QC.

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Landfills & Impoundments

RCRA Subtitle C & D
Construction & Demolition
Industrial & Municipal
Landfill Operations
Detention/Retention Ponds

A & M was founded in part on landfill and impoundment design projects and has been providing such services since 1984. Our team of engineers has extensive experience in landfill design and permitting projects in accordance with state and federal regulations including RCRA Subtitle C and D. Our capabilities and experience include municipal solid waste landfills, construction and demolition landfills, and industrial landfills. Some of our example projects are provided below:

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  • Double-lined RCRA Subtitle D private industrial landfill in Kentucky.
  • Delisting of a RCRA Subtitle D private industrial landfill in Oklahoma.
  • 600,000 cubic yard RCRA Subtitle C private industrial landfill used for the disposal of refinery acid sludge and contaminated soil in Oklahoma.
  • 350,000 cubic yard RCRA Subtitle C industrial landfill used for the disposal of sludge and contaminated soil from hazardous waste lagoons in Oklahoma.
  • Municipal solid waste landfill cell expansions in Oklahoma.
  • Construction oversight and QA/QC services for a partially closed RCRA Subtitle C landfill.
  • Feasibility study and operations evaluation for the development of a RCRA Subtitle C landfill.
  • Design of a 42-acre, seven cell municipal landfill expansion.
  • Design of a 25-acre, five cell C and D landfill.

Our team of engineers is also very experienced and capable in the design of surface impoundments including sedimentation ponds, leachate collection ponds, detention/retention ponds, and other related infrastructure. We have designed such features for various landfill applications and other purposes. A & M has provided such services in association with bioremediation lagoons used for the biological degradation of soil contaminated with explosives; municipal facility improvements; and airport storm water runoff control.

A & M’s landfill and impoundment design capabilities are far reaching and encompass most areas within these disciplines. We have provided a list of some of our primary related services offered below for your convenience:

  • Waste generation studies.
  • Landfill closure plans and post closure plans.
  • Waste incineration systems.
  • Leachate collection and pumping systems.
  • Leachate pre-treatment systems.
  • Various waste permit applications and renewals.
  • Leachate permit applications.
  • Expansion/boundary permit applications.
  • Modification permit applications – Type I, II, and III.

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Civil Engineering & Design

Site Development
Feasibility Studies
Roadway Design
Construction Quality Assurance
Construction Support & Management

Our team of experienced engineers and designers has broad civil engineering expertise and experience consisting of design, planning, permitting, construction management, and project analysis. These services have been provided at every stage of a project from conceptual planning to construction to daily operations as well as complete turnkey design-build. Some of our example projects are provided below.

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  • Large-scale, design-build, commercial development project involving the preparation of a Commercial Use-By-Right permit application for a new industrial plant. In association with the application, A & M prepared an engineering drainage and detention report, drainage plans, a final grading plan and detailed landscape plan, an erosion and sediment control plan, water demand analysis and collection system demand analysis reports, and driveway paving and parking paving improvement plans.
  • Design, permitting and construction of a Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste Processing Facility and Class I underground injection well facility.
  • Design and permitting associated with a maintenance dredging project including preparation of a feasibility study, hydrographic survey of the channel to be dredged, and preliminary design of several earthen settling basins to store and dewater approximately 100,000 cubic yards of dredged materials pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act for permit issuance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Permit approval required a county Floodplain Development Permit. Issuance required demonstration that the proposed project would not cause an increase in the base flood elevation, which required HEC-RAS modeling and reporting. A & M also prepared a Section 401 Water Quality Certification Plan, a budgetary cost estimate for construction, the final construction drawings, contract, general conditions, and technical specifications for procurement of construction services for the construction of a terminal pad, roadway, and the earthen settling basins designed to store and dewater the dredged materials.
  • Structural integrity testing and evaluation of concrete pavement and reinforced concrete hydraulic structures for a state agency.
  • Pavement design and construction QA/QC of a parking lot for a state agency.

We are also experienced in storm water (storm drainage design systems, management planning and design, and lake storage capacity and sedimentation rate studies) and water supply systems (concept evaluation studies, water distribution systems, storage tanks, water supply evaluations, and water treatment facilities). Our team specializes in wastewater treatment system studies, pump stations, interceptor sewers, sewer force mains, treatment facilities, troubleshooting, sludge storage, and preparation of operation/maintenance manuals.
Our civil engineering and design capabilities encompass most areas within these disciplines. Some of our primary related services include:

  • Site plans and development drawings.
  • Storm drainage systems and hydraulic structures.
  • Storm water management, planning, and design.
  • Grading plans, construction support, and management.
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA).
  • Construction phasing, staging plans, and analysis.
  • Cost estimates and procurement.
  • Procedures and documentation review.
  • Risk characterization, uncertainty analysis, and site analysis.
  • Feasibility studies.

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Geotechnical Design & Testing

Testing & Analysis
Monitoring & Observation

A & M’s team of geotechnical engineers and geologists has experience in a variety of geotechnical investigations, evaluations, and designs. Services have been provided to governmental agencies, large corporations, and small businesses. Our affiliation with Mohawk Drilling, Inc. allows us to provide cradle-to-grave services from the drilling and investigation phase, all the way through to the construction testing and post-construction monitoring.

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Our geotechnical and geo-environmental design and testing capabilities are expansive and include most areas within these disciplines. Some of our primary related services include:

  • Subsurface and geotechnical investigations.
  • Field testing, monitoring, and observations.
  • In-situ testing and performance monitoring.
  • Soil testing and analysis.
  • Geologic characterization.
  • Ground improvement and soil stabilization.
  • Dynamic loading analysis and evaluations.
  • Slope stability analysis.
  • Subgrade analysis and evaluations.
  • Groundwater monitoring, evaluation, and control.
  • Earthen structure designs.
  • Constructability determinations and evaluations.
  • Pavement analysis and designs.
  • Air sparge well designs and construction.
  • Monitoring well designs, construction, and testing.
  • Vapor extraction wells.
  • Water well field designs and construction.
  • Well abandonment.
  • Well development and sampling.
  • Packer testing.
  • Piezometer placement and testing.
  • Rock coring and analysis.
  • Shallow foundation designs.
  • Deep foundation designs.
  • Settlement analysis.
  • Water retention structure assessments.
  • Construction de-watering plans and implementation.
  • Water supply evaluations.
  • Deep injection well feasibility studies, designs, and construction.
  • Hydraulic barrier designs.
  • Geosynthetic designs.

Keep A & M in mind the next time you need geotechnical design, testing, and related services. We offer a broad range of expertise in these areas at competitive prices.

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